SpectraVet-probe-810-3000The Multi Probes

The SpectraVET Multi 810 nm probes have 4 laser diodes (starting from 150 mW through to our elite range at 750 mW) and come in the straight multi design or the right angle design.
The Multi probes are excellent for analgesia, inflammation, tissue repair, larger areas and deeper tissues.

SpectraVet-probe-810-750-deepThe Deep Tissue Probes

This 810 nm probe has a single laser diode either 500 mW or 750 mW in strength, and with a specifically designed convexed lens for optimal tissue compression to achieve deeper efficient penetration. This probe is excellent for analgesia, inflammation, tissue repair, deeper tissue, joints and trigger points.

SpectraVet-probe-810-500The Tendon Probe

This 810 nm probe is specifically designed for use on tendon and ligaments, it has a single laser diode at 500 mW that is set 1 1/2 inches up into the barrel of the probe. This configuration allows the beam to diverge so that when it reaches the skins surface it is irradiating a total area of 25 mm, giving great results for tendon injuries, ligaments and can be used wounds.

SpectraVet-probe-904-200-SP4The Super-Pulsed Probe

With a wavelength of 904 nm this Multi probe has the most pronounced effects on inflammatory processes and pathways, and deep penetration. The 4 laser diodes have an average power of 50mW with a 25W peak power.

SpectraVet-probe-810-250The Single Diode Acutip Probe

This 810 nm single 250 mW laser probe is fitted with an acutip for use on acupuncture points and more precise treatments.

We are happy to discuss customised probes for either the PRO2 or ZEUS control unit at 632, 660, 670, 685, 780, 808, 830, 905, 980 & 1060 nm.

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