The PRO 2 control unit is the electrical component of the SpectraVET laser units, it has the flexibility of being able to choose your treatment times and frequencies.  It is designed for portable operation, is lightweight at less than 1kg yet rugged and powerful enough for the most demanding user.

SpectraVET offers a wide range of single-laser and multi-laser probes, each designed specifically for a particular application, such as high-power, large multidiode probes for horses and other large animals, and lower-powered, smaller-sized probes for greyhounds, other dogs and small animals.

As research brings to light optimal treatment parameters for existing and new applications, SpectraVET continually develops our range of laser probes to help our customers deliver the highest quality outcomes for the animals in their care.

The ZEUS control unit is a simplistic version of the PRO2, it has a set treatment timer and Continuous wave setting.  Combine this with the same rugged, lightweight, portable design of the PRO2, this unit is ideal for the rookie user, and takes all the guess work out of using a laser.