Case study 4—Murphy

Murphy was a 14 yr old hunter who sustained an injury whilst out hunting to his check ligament, the injury extended for the entire length of the check ligament and there was a small tear into the DDFT as well. … Continued

Case study 3—2 year old TB filly

This filly had an open infected wound on her left shoulder, it was already 2 weeks post injury when Laser treatments started. She was treated daily for 4 days then every second day for a week then 3 times a … Continued

Case study 2—Alex

The 2 year old standardbred filly curbed her right hock whilst in a pipe yard overnight. She was extremely lame and the hock was swollen. Along with the usual curb swelling there was also swelling and heat in the front … Continued

Case study 1—Holly

The following photographs were taken of a 3 year old filly that ran into a gate. Because of the location of the injury it was not able to be stitched. She had daily laser treatments for the first 5 days … Continued