Case study 4—Murphy

Murphy was a 14 yr old hunter who sustained an injury whilst out hunting to his check ligament, the injury extended for the entire length of the check ligament and there was a small tear into the DDFT as well. He was lame with extensive swelling.

Initial prognosis was 9-12 months and then he might only be a paddock mate.

The vet who scanned him said that it would be at least 6 months before he could be ridden and then light hacking would all he would be able to tolerate.

Murphy 13.5.11
LPT was started 2 weeks post injury, we did daily LPT on him for 5 days then every second day then 3 times a week until 6 weeks post injury.

He had another scan at 9 weeks post injury and the vet agreed that the check ligament and DDFT was progressing well enough that Murphy could start walking.

Murphy 4.7.11
This is the scan which shows the healing tendon fibres and re-alignment.  This was 7 weeks of LPT but 9 weeks post injury.

The swelling had nearly completely disappeared and Murphy was happily moving around the paddock.  We continued to treatment once a week for another 4 weeks by which time he was being hacked out for 30mins three times a week.

Murphy continued to progress well but had a set back when he galloped around one day when his paddock mate was taken away, this re-inflamed the area but no further damage was done.  8 months after the injury Murphy was being ridden on the beach and the next hunt season and tool part in the next hunt season 12 months after his injury. He is sound and happy to this day.