peterPeter A Jenkins


Peter A Jenkins, MBA, began his exciting and ongoing adventure in the world of laser phototherapy in Australia in 1996, when, having discharged from the Royal Australian Air Force after serving for 12 years, he formed SpectraMedics Pty Ltd.  Since then Peter has worked with and consulted to a number of laser phototherapy companies around the world, and is a co-founder of the Australian Medical Laser Association.

In 2005 Peter moved to the USA, teamed up with Molly – soon to become his wife and business partner – and founded SpectraVet Inc, creating a stronger base for taking the SpectraVET brand worldwide. He now resides in the USA with Molly, along with their seven horses, four dogs, three wallabies, three cats and two goats.

Peter’s technical background includes the specification and development of laser phototherapy devices for safety, affordability and, most importantly, efficacy, and he is driven to create technologies that enable practitioners to consistently optimise their patients’ clinical outcomes. He has developed both Class 3B and Class 4 lasers for specific applications in human and veterinary medicine.

A prolific writer and passionate educator, Peter has written numerous articles and co-authored papers on device design and tissue optics, coherence in laser medicine, and the reporting of parameters in laser therapy research and practice. Peter is co-editor, with Jan Tunér, of The Annals of Laser Therapy Research, and he sees market education as the key to improving standards in the laser phototherapy industry and holding manufacturers and marketers accountable for the claims they make.

Peter is the Director of Education and Technology for both SpectraMedics Pty Ltd and SpectraVET Inc, and sits as an Executive Director on the Board of Immunophotonics Inc, a cancer research company.


Home-20140612-1Heidi Richardson



Coming from a horse oriented family, it was inevitable that Heidi would be riding as soon as she could walk. She has competed in Pony Club, Show Jumping, Eventing, Barrel Racing and Endurance, and now enjoys helping her father with his small but successful harness racing team.

Eventually Heidi’s love of horses’ well-being led her to search out a career in Equine Rehabilitation. Along the way she completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Imaging Technology, and she’s somewhat obsessed with X-rays and Ultrasounds of horses and, in particular, tendon injuries and treatments. A certificate in Equine Shiatsu massage and attendances at many veterinary conferences add to her growing knowledge base.

Heidi is open minded and practical, and loves to get involved in the science and research of Laser Phototherapy. An Equine Laser Therapist first and foremost, her advice is based on years of using Laser Phototherapy with horses and dogs, having worked in the UK, Australia and NZ. After first working with two other types of lasers, Heidi tried a SpectraVET system in 2001 and quickly realised how very effective a well-designed laser system can be. Sold on the benefits of SpectraVET, Heidi joined SpectraMedics and has proudly represented the product and brand ever since!

Heidi is now adding value to the SpectraVET family by providing a series of educational seminars, based on her knowledge and years of experience, throughout Australia and NZ.

For more information on the SpectraVET seminars run by Heidi, please feel free to contact us.